new works

Cracks: 4"x 3"
Basins: 4"x 3"
Volcanic Ash: 4"x 3"
Crater: 4"x 3"
Watercourse: 4"x 3"
Strata: 4"x 3"
Channels: 2.5"x 4"
Erosion: 4"x 3"

occurrence prints

functional works


Artist Statement: Fight or Flight

Empowerment is over coming a challenge that you may never have thought you would experience: the unknown and the acceptance of the unknown. Moments in time make us who we are today. It is our reflection of those moments that helps heal and acknowledge those challenges.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I wasn’t able to work in my studio while going through treatment. During that time, to keep my hands busy I wrote several letters to friends and family from all over. It was a moment in time, just me that person and the paper. There was no judgment. When I received letters it became a moment of connection.

Once I completed my treatment and was able to work in my studio I created several porcelain envelopes inspired by the ones that I sent and received. This ceramic installation combines moments and stories that create a quilt of reflection. Creating 162 envelopes totaling the number days I went through treatment.




These are a collection of linoleum prints revisiting the sense of place. Places that have captured a memorable moment. Moments of self-reflection, inspiration or emotion. Usually I am working with clay, however these prints are letting me explore mark making with a new material. These prints are from my sketchbooks collected over the years. I enjoy carving these plates and reflecting on memories of my time in that place.

Up until recently I have not had much time to reflect on my past work. Time goes so quickly and to have time to reflect on personal work is rare. My hope by visiting these past moments that they will unfold into my current body of clay work also centered round the idea of migration and place.


past works

actions and occurrences